13 July 2012

Let's start all over again

Oh god it has been almost 7 months i haven't updated my blog. Bukan ape guys. Busy bebenor

A lot of things have happened. SPM had passed for a months ago. If you still remember, my last post is all about my dream of getting Law Foundation. But now all have changed already, I'm back as a SMK Sungkai Form Sixer, doing STPM for my Law Degree. It seems that i am doing the stupid and somewhat a risky thing of doing STPM. But i have no choice, maybe this is the what God has planned for me. And maybe this is the 'rezeki' that God has blessed me

So from now on, i will keep updating my blog. All in English *sorry. Since i have targeted Band 6 for my MUET, then from now i have to improve my writing skill. 

Returning to my old school does not mean i am returning to my old behaviour and attitude, but it means that there is a chance to me to bring a glory to my school. I consider this as a challenge to me, to improve myself for a better life and for a better future


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